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Why work with me?

My name is Egle Stark

I have over 12 years of corporate experience presenting to different sales professionals and executives, I love engaging and inspiring large groups of people. For the past several years I have been running training workshops for LinkedIn's internal sales professionals which is my day job I absolutely love!  Being a Health Coach alongside the corporate career is my favourite hobby which gives me a lot of joy and meaning.  My true passion for wellness comes from a personal health story which led me to inspire other people to eat and live well, educate and give the right tools for everyone to achieve their health goals and aspirations with ease. As a Holistic Health Coach I offer in-person talks, webinars and drop-in clinics. Check out the programs I offer below.  

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Why is the health of your employees more important now than ever?

*"Sickness absence in the UK labour market: 2021". Published April 2022. Office of National Statistics, United Kingdom.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Holistic Health & Nutrition Program

This program is designed to get your employees back to the basics of health. Examples of topics covered in a sequence of workshops:

  • 5 Habits to Kickstart your health

  • Nutrition for energy

  • Holistic approach to body and mind

  • Movement while WFH

  • How to improve sleep

  • Managing stress

  • Superfoods and healthy foods

  • Reading the food labels

  • Grocery shopping for health

  • Foods for longevity


Exclusively Women's Health program

This program is tailored to women exclusively and is focused on women's health, hormonal balance, mood and productivity. Topics include:

  • Overview of women's hormones and health

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Nutrition for different stages of the hormonal cycle

  • Role of exercise in female hormones

  • Optimal women's health nutrients

  • Perimenopause and Menopause

Employee Health Coaching 1:1 Clinics

This is a wonderful way to support your employees on a 1:1 basis. The individual Employee Clinics* work best together with a workshop program. After attending a workshop the employees can schedule a time with me to ask questions that are specific to them.

  • 20-30 min. individual consultations

  • Give space to discuss health goals and concerns

  • Within scope can help refer to a GP if necessary

  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on personal goals

  • Can provide regular check ins on progress

*This service is offered per amount of hours you wish to book with me  which are then opened to your employees as consultation time.


Contact me

If you're interested in working with me or have any questions about the Corporate Wellness Programs, please drop me a note.

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